Clarification on Elm Ridge and Savannah HOA Land Swap Proposal

Clarification on Elm Ridge and Savannah HOA Land Swap Proposal

***Attention Savannah Residents***

The Elm Ridge WCID has been made aware of recent communications to Savannah residents from the Savannah HOA Board of Directors regarding a proposed land swap of land between the HOA and Elm Ridge WCID. This communication has unnecessarily created confusion and concern for residents. In the interest of transparency, the Elm Ridge WCID would like to share all of the information and facts related to this proposal. Please see below for an official statement from your Elm Ridge Board of Directors.

Clarification on the Elm Ridge and Savannah HOA land swap proposal:

Elm Ridge WCID has proposed an even trade with Savannah HOA in order to prevent the impact on HOA amenities from needs surrounding an upcoming construction project.

Currently, Elm Ridge WCID owns a portion of land south of Magnolia Blvd that is currently used by the HOA, with permission, for the soccer field and fireworks site for the Independence Day celebration. Savannah HOA owns the unused portion of land south of the soccer field, to the east of the community clubhouse.

The upcoming construction of the Elm Ridge government building and police station on the Elm Ridge WCID land next to the former model homes will require space for construction materials and vehicle access to the property.

To reduce the impact on the Savannah HOA parking lot and prevent the possible closure of the soccer field located partially on Elm Ridge WCID owned land, the Elm Ridge Board of Directors proposed an even trade of these two properties.

Denton County Central Appraisal District does not have an assessed value available for either property and there does not appear to be a marketable use for either piece of land on the open market. Both properties were initially gifted by Huffines, the developer of the Savannah community. Neither was purchased by the HOA or Elm Ridge WCID. Elm Ridge proposed the trade in lieu of spending taxpayer money to purchase the portion gifted to the HOA when the district owns a comparable property that better serves the HOA.

The Savannah HOA board has requested for Elm Ridge WCID to spend taxpayer money to have both properties appraised and surveyed. While the Elm Ridge Board of Directors appreciates the Savannah HOA board’s desire for such requests, we have rejected this proposal as an unnecessary expenditure. It is our belief that the value of owning all of the current soccer field amenity enjoyed by the Savannah community should exceed any real or perceived financial differences in the actual land values.

We are all residents and tax payers in the communities that make up Elm Ridge WCID and wish to do what is best for all residents. As a governing agency, Elm Ridge WCID has the right to use eminent domain to obtain the southern property, however, The Board of Directors prefers to use eminent domain as a last resort. The Board of Directors was disappointed to see the letter published in the Savannah HOA newsletter and the aftermath of misinformation and rumors that have quickly circulated among the community since. We feel that a reasonable agreement is not only possible, but is in the best interest of our residents.


Your Elm Ridge Board of Directors