Continued Drought Conditions – Please Conserve Water!

Continued Drought Conditions – Please Conserve Water!

Residents of Elm Ridge WCID,

Despite some rainfall, the main source lake levels are down and continue to drop due to steady high demand and lack of significant rain. Upper Trinity Regional Water District has asked its retail water providers, including Elm Ridge WCID, to increase outreach to their residents and step up enforcement as needed, especially to high users such as home builders and HOAs. There are some easy ways you can help.

  1. Turn sprinklers off as grass goes dormant.
  2. Only water when needed.
  3. Winterize your sprinkler systems and faucets.
  4. Follow the twice a week only mandatory water policy.

Elm Ridge WCID will need to step up enforcement for violations. You can avoid unnecessary fines by doing your part.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Elm Ridge WCID